About SGS

"Sharda Global School”, as a name defines is a blend of heritage and new thoughts which ensures that a child will be of ethical values and of a global mind set, commenced and successfully about to complete 2 years , believes that every child is unique with his own set of skills & talent. Each one carries the blue print of his life within him. All that is called for is, giving the child a perfect environment, which would help in recognizing his true potential in that particular area. We embrace the challenge of nurturing individual talents and strengths into valued accomplishments by providing holistic education that develops leadership, character, academic excellence, social responsibility and physical wellness.

"Sharda Global School”, aims at providing quality education to empower each student to have a true sense of self-worth and a respect for diversity which will enable him to build his identity to find his purpose in life and to be a value of society. Situated on a sparkling green, pollution free 9 acres of campus at Bukru, Kanke, Ranchi. It enjoys salubrious climates and a serene environment free from all distractions.

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* Booklist for class I-VII (2016-2017)
500 Seated Boy's Hostel